About Roulez

Most of the things we use in daily life (the computer I'm writing on, the pots I cook with, or the socks I am wearing) are made anonymously, often far away, and we have no relationship with the builder or the object, unless it's with a 'brand.' I've spent a lot of my life helping to build things like this (companies that develop complex telecommunications software, for instance).

Roulez is an antidote.

I know of few experiences more joyful than the sensation of riding a good bike on a fine day along a river path, up a good climb, or even dodging traffic on Mass Ave. And that sensation is enhanced exponentially when I'm riding a bike that was created, by hand, to be just right, just your own.

I start by learning what you want to do with a bike, now and in the future (because a good bike should last a long, long time). Based on how and where you want to ride, how your body fits around a triangle with cranks, and what kind of playlist you want to infuse the steel with (don't forget the playlist!), I work on a design, a component list, and get to work.

Every aspect of the process is done by hand, in house, from cutting and mitering the tubes, welding the frame, brazing cable stops and other accessories, lacing and building the wheels, even etching the headbadge (we use an electrolytic copper sulfate bath).

Friends don't let friends ride factory bikes.

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