Handbuilt Bicycles
Entirely Bespoke
Roulez designs and builds custom bicycles for people who love to ride. Roulez frames are TIG-welded, brass fillet brazed, or silver lugged steel, following a variety of traditional and modern methods. I take the time to understand what you want a bike to do for you, and then work with you to realize that in steel and wheels. That can include custom racks, wiring options for full-time lighting, and just about anything else you might think up. My shop, based in a converted XIX century elixir factory in Lynn, Massachusetts, produces only a handful of hand-crafted frames each year, each one built with care to meet the needs of a unique rider. You can get a burger at a fast food joint, and you can buy a bike built in an anonymous factory -- or you can savor a home-cooked meal, and ride home on an heirloom.
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